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As businesses begin the process of reopening they are faced with a myriad of legal and operational issues that they have not previously encountered. Taking a cavalier approach to protecting your employees and the public from contracting the Coronavirus is not only morally wrong, it can lead to significant civil or criminal liability.

Were you aware that there have been over 400 Coronavirus Class Action lawsuits filed?

Reopening incorrectly or failing to reasonably protect their employees and the public will certainly bring a firestorm of lawsuits on businesses.

In this webinar, I will breakdown and explain:

  • The potential civil and criminal liability that businesses face,

  • The three key elements to avoid liability

  • What some businesses are doing wrong

  • Should they follow CDC, OSHA or other governmental guidelines?

YES, this information will scare you, but it is better to be prepared than hide in the shadows until the Sheriff comes knocking on your door.

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